Guyon Architects

Guyon Architects / The Studio for Architecture was founded in 1985 as a multi-disciplinary firm dedicated to the practice of studio architecture.

Studio architecture is defined and structured by the belief that architecture is a poetic, spatial art form.  Working under this belief demands that we delve as deeply as possible into every aspect of every project that comes under our guidance, regardless of size or scope.

Architecture has the power to enhance, ennoble and transform every human activity.  This is not a melodramatic claim.  It is a fundamental belief that drives us relentlessly toward designing space of the highest possible quality for those who will occupy it - within the boundaries of scheduled, budget and technology.

If awards are measures of success, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has, since 1988, honored Guyon Architects with 13 awards for Excellence in Architectural Design, more than any other architectural firm in the history of AIA awards in Kentucky.  They are awards for the design of such small projects as homes and restaurants, to the design of large projects, such as banks and commercial buildings.



Speaking of large projects, Guyon Architects recently designed The 500's on Main, a $30 million, mixed-use development in the heart of downtown Lexington.  The project comprises the redevelopment of an entire city block with 8, multistory buildings,, a public courtyard, and numerous shops and galleries. 

Guyon Architects is currently completing a major expansion of the Churchill Downs Racetrack, the legendary site of the Kentucky Derby, as well as other projects including urban restaurants, and "New Native" houses.

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In an age of electronic hyperbole and information overload the 'folk' forms found in the handmade houses and barns of the south seem to possess a clear and halting essence.  The plain houses and "work" buildings of the American South are simple, direct and beautiful.  Every region of the world possesses these "native" structures.  Their powerful ideas are found in all later elite forms of architecture.  It is their essence that gives rise to the modern house I call New Native.